Senior citizens have an increased risk of poor nutrition because they often take multiple medications, experience economic hardship, and need help with self-care tasks, including grocery shopping and cooking. If you’re worried you or a loved one may be undernourished, visit Back 2 Health for a nutritional assessment. Here are the top 10 signs of

Everyone wants to be fit, but what exactly does that mean? While feeling energetic and healthy is a good indicator of your overall fitness level, it’s also good to realize where you stand in terms of formal fitness measurements. Here are the numbers everyone should know. Body Mass Index (BMI) BMI is a height-to-weight ratio

The warming weather has you thinking about spring cleaning your home, but don’t forget to spring clean your health as well! You probably have more energy this time of year as it is, thanks to longer days and warmer temperatures, but you can kick your health up another notch with these six spring health tips.

In a US survey, more than half of all respondents reported having allergic reactions to one or more allergens. Springtime allergies (hay fever) are chief among them, affecting 10 to 30 percent of adult Americans and up to 40 percent of children. Whether you’re allergic to pollen, grass, or ragweed, Back 2 Health can help

10 Ways to Combat Dizziness

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Most people experience dizziness at one point or another. There are numerous causes besides spinning in circles, including dehydration, stress, and hormonal changes. Symptoms of dizziness range from general light-headedness to unsteadiness and loss of balance to a spinning sensation, a condition known as vertigo. If your dizziness is infrequent, you can try some at-home

It’s common knowledge that emotional stress can cause muscle tension resulting in headaches, neck pain, and other issues. But stress isn’t the only emotion that can manifest as physical pain. Learn what other emotions are known to cause pain in different parts of your body. How Do Thoughts and Emotions Impact Physical Health? Stress, anxiety,

Is it a Headache or Migraine?

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Headaches and migraines are both characterized by pain or pressure in your head. So, is the pain you’re experiencing an ordinary headache or a more serious migraine? Recognizing the symptoms of each doesn’t just allow you to put a name to your pain – it also helps you pursue the right treatment for faster relief.

If you suffer from persistent pain and stiffness in your heel or the bottom of your foot, you may have plantar fasciitis. Characterized by either sharp or dull pain, plantar fasciitis occurs when the thick, fibrous band running along the base of your foot – called the plantar fascia – becomes inflamed. Competitive runners commonly

10 Benefits of Walking

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Do you want to get fit in the New Year without the expense and hassle of joining a gym? You can always hit the street and go for a run. After all, it’s beautiful outside in South Carolina this time of year! If running is a little too strenuous for you, even just going on