Auto Accident Injury

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Chiropractic approach stresses your overall wellness, recognizing the many factors that affect it, including exercise, diet, rest, environment, and heredity. Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, non-surgical health treatments and rely on the body’s inherent recuperative abilities. As Chiropractic Physicians, we typically diagnose and treat patients whose health problems are associated with the body’s muscular, nervous, and

Pain Management

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Any injury to the skin, nerves, or spine can lead to chronic pain that interrupts your daily life. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain due to conditions like Fibromyalgia that arise without a sudden shock or injury. When pain and uncomfortable nerve sensations keep you awake at night or make it hard to spend

Neuropathy Treatment

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The word neuropathy is an umbrella term that encompasses quite a few different disorders. All of the conditions contained with the branch of neuropathy involve damage or defects within the peripheral nerve system, which branches out from the spinal cord and brain. When pressure on a major peripheral nerve blocks its signal, you can end

Medical Weight Loss

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Exciting Options For Medical Weight Loss America is in the grip of an obesity epidemic. For most people, shedding even a few extra pounds is an uphill battle. Even the strictest diets and toughest exercise routines can’t help people lose weight if they gained it due to stress, hereditary problems, or metabolic disorders in the

Massage Therapy

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The Power Of Massage Therapy Massage is an ancient art of muscle manipulation that can have surprising effects on the body. While people have been enjoying various types of massage for thousands of years, only recently has scientific testing demonstrated its power to heal and restore the body. A good massage can relieve stress, reduce

Spinal Decompression

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Spinal Disc Decompression Works: This FDA approved technology relieves pain by enlarging the space between the discs. The negative pressure of decompression releases pressure that builds on to the disc and nerves, allowing the herniated and bulging disc to eventually go back into normal position. Decompression is the only treatment that is truly most effective

Trigger Point Injections

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This treatment is administered several times over the course of four to 12 weeks. To maximize results, Trigger Point injections may be combined with other alternative treatment methods such as physical therapy and chiropractic care. Trigger Point injections have been used for many decades as a natural alternative to the sometimes toxic injections commonly used

ALCAT/Food Allergies

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Awareness of the severity of some food allergies has expanded in the past few years, but many people still suffer from daily aches and pains due to a dietary issue. Allergy testing can change that. Research continues to show links between illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, and chronic pain to food allergies. A simple

Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy is the restoration of function and prevention of disability following disease, injury, surgery or loss of body part. It will improve circulation, strength, mobility and gait (walking). Our primary focus is to efficiently return the injured patient back to work, recreation, and activities of daily living.Physical Therapy can: Improve back and neck pain