stem cell therapy vs prp

stem cell therapy vs prp


Last time we covered the new K- Laser therapy being offered at Back2Health. What if I told you there was a new treatment available that could help ease your joint pain, and possibly help keep your joint from getting any worse? This week we are going to talk about Regenerative Cellular Therapy vs. Platelet- rich plasma. You’re probably thinking ‘What in the world, more new stuff?!’ Si, more new stuff. My friends at Back2Health are all about keeping up with the ‘new’ and state of the art treatments available, especially if it will benefit you! So let’s get into it.

What is Regenerative Cellular Therapy?

Regenerative Cellular Therapy is designed to provide long term pain relief to those suffering from many different chronic conditions.

What is injected into my joint with Regenerative Cellular Therapy?

The highly concentrated stem cells come from a cell culture that is tended to in a laboratory. The cells come from Amniotic fluid.

What are Platelet Rich Plasma injections?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are a mix of plasma and serum from a patient’s own blood. It is designed to help speed up the healing process in the area of an injury, or help the injury heal on it’s own.

What is injected into my joint with PRP?

The plasma from a patient’s own blood is injected into the injured joint when PRP is performed.

What is the difference between the two treatments?

PRP speeds up the healing process of injuries while Regenerative Cellular Therapy is more powerful than PRP and used to treat more difficult injuries.

What type of injuries or conditions can be treated with these?

Osteoarthritis, chronic tendinitis, and general joint pain are just a few of conditions that can be treated with these therapies.

Okay, how will I benefit from either of these treatments?

Both of these treatments will reduce pain, provide long-term relief, and possibly keep further degeneration of a joint at bay.

Great! How do I set up a consultation to find out if I qualify?

Setting up a consultation is easy! Just give my friends at Back2Health a call (843) 405-0025 and schedule your consult today!

This has been BonBon reporting for Back2Health! Have a Pawesome day!

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