I am so sad! My friend Pasta Batman was in a car accident with his human yesterday! He told me his and his human’s necks are sore, and he didn’t think they need to see a doctor.They are so wrong! Most people who have been in an auto accident say they feel ‘fine’ or maybe a bit sore. Ultimately they turn down the chance to have x-rays taken or to see a doctor when they most certainly should. I was NOT going to let my friend and his human take the chance of not knowing if something was wrong. So I made sure to make them an appointment at Back2Health to get checked out!

You’re probably saying ‘but he said they’re fine, so why do they need to see a chiropractor!?’ Like I stated earlier, most turn down the chance of seeing a medical professional after an accident unless they are seriously injured. A little ‘fender bender’ can wreak havoc on your spine. How fast the car was going determines how much force your spine absorbs when the car was hit. The direction at which the car was hit can judge how your spine was impacted. The car itself may protect you to a certain extent, but it cannot protect your spine from the trauma.

The spine is made up of 3 different sections of vertebrae: Cervical vertebrae (your neck), Thoracic vertebrae (mid back) and Lumbar vertebrae (lower back). In most cases, victims of auto accidents complain of neck pain. This is primarily because on impact, the neck snaps forward and then backward suddenly. While trauma is immediate, pain doesn’t always manifest itself immediately. Let’s talk a little more about neck injuries since my poor friend, PastaBatman and his human have been having some soreness since his accident.

The most common neck injury you hear about is whiplash. Whiplash is the sudden hyperflexion and hyperextension of the neck caused by the impact of the accident. Symptoms can  includes: stiffness in the neck or upper back, shoulder pain or stiffness, headache and dizziness. To go hand in hand with whiplash is neck strain (or other soft tissue injury). A neck strain occurs when the muscle or tendon is stretched past its normal limits. (Not to be confused with a sprain which is the result of an overstretched ligament). Just like whiplash, neck strain causes much difficulty moving the neck. It greatly limits the range of motion in the joint, as well as, is very painful when moving the neck. Although very painful, these two injuries are usually mild injuries in comparison with some others, like cervical radiculopathy.  Maybe add drawings/pics of this? Love your radiculopathy illustration below.

In severe cases, cervical injuries can result in the irritation of the cervical nerve. When this nerve becomes irritated, it fails to function at it’s normal potential, which causes everything it is in charge of to function incorrectly. Cervical radiculopathy causes pain to radiate down one (or both arms), causing  not only pain but, numbness, burning or tingling as well. Imagine an accident at a major intersection that jams up traffic. It causes drivers to move slower, and it takes longer for them to get to where they are going. This is the same thing with cervical radiculopathy. When the nerve gets ‘smooshed’, it causes the signal it sends to move at a slower pace to the rest of the body, ultimately causing a back up in functionality. Not good, not good at all.

Scary isn’t it!? Knowing that all of this can be caused by a little ‘fender bender’ is the number one reason why I referred PastaBatman and his human to Back2Health. The sooner they get checked out, the sooner they can care of their injuries and be on their way back to normal. Have you been in a car accident? Or maybe someone you know? Back2Health is now taking referrals for those who have been involved in an auto accident. Remember, let your referral know to tell us who sent them and you could be in the running to win a $10 gift card!

This has been Bon Bon reporting for Back2Health. Have a PAWesome day!

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