Zumba Fitness - Greenville

Zumba Fitness - Greenville


I have been keeping this a secret for so long, and now I can FINALLY tell the world! We are now offering Zumba Fitness at Back2Health! My friend, Casey (you might recognize her in the picture above), recently got licensed to be a Zumba Fitness instructor (with the one and only Loretta Bates who is on the Zumba fitness dvds!). She is working diligently to make sure her Salsa is spicy, and her Reggaeton has attitude so each class is a PaRtY! I am sure you have seen these types of classes advertised around town, but do you truly know what Zumba Fitness is?

What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness class incorporating Latin and international music to create a dynamic and effective fitness class. Zumba Fitness-Party combines fast and slow rhythms to tone and sculpt the body using a blend of cardio and muscle-toning techniques for all ages and fitness levels. Zumba Fitness incorporates some of the basic principles of aerobic, interval, and resistance training to maximize caloric output, cardiovascular benefits, and total body toning. The cardio-based dance movements target areas such as legs, arms, abdominals (abs), and most importantly, the heart!

Benefits of Zumba Fitness

So, now you know what Zumba Fitness is, but why come to the party!? Here is a list of the top reasons why Zumba Fitness will be of benefit to you and your health:

  • Great dynamic core work: Zumba Fitness uses moves that require a great deal of control of the abdominal muscles and back. This has the potential to translate into strong abdominal and back muscles.
  • Burns a ton of calories: Zumba Fitness follows aerobic and interval training methods for high levels of activity, which means more calories are burned!
  • Easy, non-intimidating learning environment: All dance movements are taught in an easy to follow, party-like format! The best part… Zumba Fitness is designed for all ages and fitness levels! Don’t worry if you don’t have rhythm…you don’t need it! As long as you’re movin’ and groovin’ you’re torching calories!
  • Promotes weight loss: Just as with any fitness program, consistency along with a well- balanced diet will promote weight loss.
  • Positive self- image: You feel great after each class!
  • A sculpted body: Zumba Fitness parties have the potential to re-shape every part of your body, including your mind and heart.
  • Exercise in disguise: Most people don’t feel they are exercising during class because it is FUN!

At Back2Health we want to not only take care of your body from a medical standpoint, but also teach you a healthy lifestyle! Zumba Fitness parties will be offered every Saturday morning at 10:00. The FIRST party will be February 6, 2016 at 10 AM and admission will be FREE for the first class! At each class we will also learn about healthy lifestyle alternatives and how improving your fitness can possibly decrease your pain! We invite you to join our Fitness Saturdays and look forward to seeing your improvement!

This has been BonBon reporting for Back2Health. Have a PAWesome day!


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