Dr. Jerry Renato, Chiropractor

Dr. Jerry Renato was lead into the Chiropractic profession by a series of life-changing events.  These things literally altered the course of his personal and professional life forever. He was on track to pursue a career in either medicine or law, when multiple, amazing and almost miraculous things happened to myself and family members through Chiropractic care. His bronchial asthma, his mother’s terrible lower spine issues, his father’s migraine headaches and his then fiancé’s diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis were all resolved through comprehensive Chiropractic treatment and natural health care! This gave Dr. Jerry no option but to delve into this remarkable discipline with all of his energy. For him, it’s been the right and just endeavor that he will never regret!

Dr. Jerry attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC.  He has 40 years of experience in healthcare and has an impressive resume that includes an AMA certification in Impairment Ratings and Independent Medical Exams, consultant for the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society and has been the treating chiropractor for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team and members of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Dr. Jerry was a coordinator for the Special Olympics in 1992 and been a speaker at many different Colleges and organizations throughout his career.  Not only is Dr. Jerry a natural health care expert he is a nutritional expert as well and specializes in helping people achieve their maximum potential through chiropractic and nutrition.

When Dr. Jerry isn’t saving lives through chiropractic and natural healthcare he enjoys his other interests including Automobiles, Formula 1 racing, Fitness, Art, Music, Food and Wine and outdoor activities.  He most of all enjoys doing anything at all with my beautiful wife and precious daughter and entire family!  Dr. Jerry recently welcomed his first grandchild into the world.


© 2023 PM Health Alliance, LLC

© 2023 PM Health Alliance, LLC