Standing, walking, and running are all healthy activities when balanced with periods of rest. However, it is hard to stay active and fit when you are struggling with periodic or chronic leg pain. Dozens of conditions and injuries can cause burning, aching, or numbness in the lower extremities. Since leg pain can be a symptom of many serious health conditions, it is important to visit our medical clinic in Goose Creek as soon as possible when the inflammation sets in and doesn’t fade in a few days.

What is Leg Pain?

Leg pain is a very broad term that encompasses many forms of irritation and inflammation in the leg. Many pains are temporary, while others are chronic or only disappear once an underlying cause heals. No matter the cause or exact set of symptoms, it is likely that we have at least one treatment option for you.

Leg Pain Symptoms

The variations of leg pain are numerous and often hard to describe accurately. Consider seeking an examination if you are dealing with:

  • Chronic or reoccurring pain in the entire leg
  • Pain that radiates down from the pain or hip
  • Numbness in the entire leg or foot
  • Burning sensations in the foot, calves, or knees
  • Snapping and popping in the knee or hip joint
  • Weakness and feelings of fatigue in the lower half of the body
  • Cramps in the muscles of the leg
  • Reduced sensation, which can interfere with your balance
  • Swelling in one or both legs

Cause of Leg Pain

Recent trauma or childhood illnesses can lead to leg pain in practically any patient. If your pain is changing your life, it may be linked to issues like:

  • Muscle strains, scar tissue, or atrophy
  • Inflammation in the tendons
  • Overuse due to intense athletic training or exercise after a period of inactivity
  • Nerve damage in the leg or spine
  • Side effects from a wide range of medications
  • Varicose veins
  • Sciatica
  • Stress fractures in the bones
  • Bone and soft tissue infections
  • Neuropathy due to diabetes or other chronic illnesses
  • Blood clots and artery issues

Leg Pain Risks

Most athletes and retail employees find that minor leg pain resolves itself after a day of rest and stay off of the feet. However, ignoring intermittent or mild pain could put you at risk for:

  • Lower extremity peripheral arterial disease
  • Severe stenosis and sciatica
  • Loss of control of the legs or feet
  • Permanent numbness
  • Fractures that heal extremely slowly
  • Chronic tendonitis
  • Injuries to your Achilles heel
  • Blood clots

Leg Pain Treatment Options

The team at Back 2 Health Physical Medicine includes a medical doctor so we can recommend treatments if you are dealing with a fracture or break. For chronic disorders that won’t simply heal with time and care, we offer symptom management treatments that include:

  • Rest and exercise recommendations to help you train without injury
  • Assisted stretching services to loosen tight calf and thigh muscles
  • Leg massage to work out knots
  • Trigger point therapy in the legs and back
  • Lifestyle assessments to pinpoint habits that are encouraging your leg pain
  • Electric nerve stimulation that can reverse numbness and reduce burning sensations

Get Moving Again!

Don’t let chronic pain, numbness & tingling rule your daily life when our conservative treatments are available. Unlike surgery or medications, our chiropractic care plans help solve the cause behind the pain rather than just covering up the symptoms. We can even provide joint inflammation injections to deal with severe pain in the knees due to arthritis or old injuries. Discover the true cause of your leg irritation with just one or two visits and some targeted diagnostic testing.


© 2023 PM Health Alliance, LLC

© 2023 PM Health Alliance, LLC