Many patients assume that their nose and throat are the only passages that deliver air to the lungs, but the sinuses also play a crucial role. The sinuses are small open cavities located to the sides of the nose. The pink mucosa that line these openings help humidify the air you breathe in and trap particles that might irritate the lungs. Most people aren’t aware of their sinuses until an illness or allergy causes an uncomfortable reaction in the mucosa. If you have been experiencing throbbing or burning sinuses lately, you may be suffering from sinusitis. Visit our Goose Creek medical team to discover the cause behind your sore sinuses.

What is Sinusitis?

The mucosa that lines the sinuses can be irritated and inflamed by numerous causes. The term sinusitis simply describes swelling of the mucosa. It can be a symptom of many issues, but usually resolves itself without treatment in just a few days. When the area around your nose and forehead feels sore for weeks at a time, it is definitely time to seek a diagnosis and treatment at Back 2 Health Physical Medicine. Lingering or reoccurring sinusitis may indicate more serious issues that won’t simply go away on their own.

Sinusitis Symptoms

It is possible to suffer from sinusitis for years without noticing the problem. Minor swelling may not cause much irritation, and slightly sore sinuses may feel fine through most of the day. However, acute sinusitis is linked to more noticeable symptoms like:

  • Difficulty breathing and general feelings of stuffiness in the nose and face
  • Swelling around the nose and lower forehead
  • Chronic pain or low to severe grade headaches with pain concentrated in the face and around the eyes
  • Throbbing and burning sensations in the sinuses
  • Yellow or green discharge out of the nostrils or down the throat
  • Sensitivity to pressure around the sides of the nose
  • Cough that is worse at night

Cause of Sinusitis

Causes for sinusitis range from very minor to severe health issues. Investigating a simple case of sinus pain could help you catch a serious issue early for prompt treatment. The symptoms could be linked to conditions that include:

  • Infections ranging from an upper respiratory infection to the common cold
  • Infected teeth or gum abscesses
  • Allergies to environmental factors or pollen
  • Smoking and exposure to second hand smoke
  • Abnormalities of the sinuses such as a deviated septum
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Polyps, tumors, and ulcerations in the mucosa
  • Fungal infections due to long term mold exposure

Sinusitis Risks

It may be possible to resolve your chronic sinusitis with a few simple lifestyle changes to reduce the number of irritants you are exposed to on a daily basis. A simple dust mask could reduce chronic pain, but many causes require medical attention to resolve. You may be at a higher risk for the symptoms of sinusitis if you have other health concerns like:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease, which involves constant stomach acid contact with your throat and sinuses
  • Daily exposure to irritants like pollen, chemical fumes, mold spores, or smoke
  • Immune system disorders that cause the body to attack the sinus membranes
  • Allergies

Sinusitis Treatment Options

Chronic sinusitis linked to allergies or asthma can often be treated at home with a nasal irrigation pot or saline sprays. However, overuse of these treatments may just increase the pain. We provide numerous treatments for sinusitis for our patients in the Goose Creek area that include:

  • Prescriptions for nasal sprays with corticosteroids to soothe the irritation
  • Allergy testing to determine if your pets or hobbies are causing the issue
  • Immune therapy to lower reactions to irritants you simply can’t avoid
  • Massage to help your sinuses drain, which can help even if you just have a simple cold

Stop Sniffling With Sinus Relief

There is no need to live with low grade and constant sinus pain and irritation. Sinusitis can be treated or relieved regardless of the cause, but only once we find the true cause of the problem. Schedule an appointment with Back 2 Health Physical Medicine as soon as possible if the swelling hasn’t gone down in a week, or if other troublesome symptoms like burning and discharge are disrupting your daily routine.


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© 2023 PM Health Alliance, LLC