• What Makes Back 2 Health Different From Other Pain Management Facilities?
  • What is Your Philosophy at Back 2 Health?
  • Do You Offer Free Consultations?
  • Do You Offer Allergy Testing Services?
  • Where Are You Located?
What Makes Back 2 Health Different From Other Pain Management Facilities?

While many establishments similar to ours consider themselves “pain clinics”, they are only able to offer therapies such as muscle therapy or acupuncture. Yet still, other clinics claiming to be “pain clinics” only deal with medications to manage a patient’s pain, but have no therapy options to get to the root of the pain. For years in the Lowcountry, patients were forced to choose from facilities that only offered a small portion of pain treatment. However, the causes of headaches, back pain, knee pain, arthritis and pain related to types of diabetes is broad in range depending on the patient. To best treat your broad range of pain, Back 2 Health believes that the treatment of such conditions requires a wider scope of treatment tools and options so that you can have the most comprehensive set of doctors, chiropractors, medical professionals and tools available to help you get back to normal. Our approach is not only cost-effective, it’s time-effective as well. Our philosophy revolves around helping you get better faster, with more service options per visit, so that you aren’t paying astronomical prices and don’t need to be referred to other practitioners in order to get the range of treatment options that you can find under one roof at Back 2 Health.

What is Your Philosophy at Back 2 Health?

At Back 2 Health, our philosophy is: We believe in listening to our patients! We want to know where you hurt, what you expect from us, what you would like done, and what treatments haven’t worked for you in the past. We believe that combining complementary and traditional medicines is the optimal way to achieve top wellness and health. We believe that treating a patient’s whole body is important. We’re talking about the mind, the spirit, and the body as a whole – not just the symptoms that present themselves in your body. We believe that you, as the patient, should be fully involved in your health care and should make decisions that best help you and your unique situation. We believe in being physical therapists and doctors, but also partners and mentors in your care plan. We believe that you as a person are unique and that every facet of your treatment from weight loss to physical medicine should be unique as well. We believe that sometimes, your body needs a little push to get in the right place, but know that your body has a natural ability to heal itself. We believe that you have the power to overcome your pain and be healthy, and that we can help you achieve your pain management goals!

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

Yes, we absolutely do! It would be our pleasure to speak with you about whatever needs you may have, from weight loss to trigger point therapy and everything in between. Your back pain is serious, and we’re serious about helping you any way that we can. For a free consultation, you may reach out to our office at (843) 376-5595 to speak with one of our professional representatives. Let’s talk about how we can help!

Do You Offer Allergy Testing Services?

Yes, we most certainly do. In recent years, the general public and medical professionals alike have become more aware of how food allergies can impact a person’s life. Despite new advances in this field, thousands of men and women in the Lowcountry still suffer from aches in their joints and pains in their body because of dietary issues. Our allergy testing can help correct these issues. Our research has shown a correlation between illnesses like migranes, back pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other issues to food allergies. Because there can be dozens of triggers in something as simple as a sandwich, we offer extensive testing at our facility to discover what allergies you may have and focus on treating you so that you can feel better and live better, every day.

Where Are You Located?

Convenient to most people living in the Metro Charleston and Lowcountry areas, Back 2 Health is located at 588 Old Mount Holly Road in Goose Creek, SC. Feel free to stop in and view our facility, meet our staff, and let us know how we can help, whether you’re looking for a seasoned chiropractor, a physical therapist, need a massage therapist or all of the above.


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