Anna Butler – Knee Pain

Anna Butler – Knee Pain

“Back2Health was recommended to me but a former patient who was please with her treatment results. I am being treated for knee pain, I was seeing another orthopedic M.D. who was giving me Cortisone shots that were NOT working and told me my only option left was surgery. After only a little over a month of treatment I am walking without pain. I have more strength as well. I would highly recommend Back2Health to others and have done so already.”

Anna Butler – Knee Pain

“The staff are very professional and caring. Before I started attending Back To Health, my left leg ached and burned practically all of the time making it very difficult to walk. I had very bad lower back discomfort, which interfered with my daily activities around the house. Turning over in bed was painful and interfered with my sleep. Just in the past three months of attending the prescribed therapy sessions, I have noticed a remarkable difference. My left leg no longer bothers me and my lower back pain has improved. Really—-I feel like a new person.

What is so unique about this clinic is the fact that, instead of making separate appointments with various types of clinicians, I get to see all of them in one visit: the chiropractor, the physician, physical therapist, etc. and my insurance (Medicare and Cigna) has been covering 100%. Sessions at Back to Health has helped me, a year-old, and they can help you too.”

Betty Woods – Back and Neck Problems

“I chose Back2Health after seeing them here for over a year. I have been in treatment with MUSC for over 2 years now because of problems with my back and neck. I’ve had many procedures on my back and nothing was working and my back was constantly getting worse. I’ve done everything from steroid injections to facet joint ablation, nothing helped. My family doctor gave me pain medications but I couldn’t take them because they were too strong and I wasn’t able to function. So I decided one day I wanted to see what this Back2Health place was. I came in and had a consult and they did an extensive work up on me including lots of x-rays. I started treatment on February 25th, 2015 and every time I come my back gets better, on my March 8th visit I was given a cervical posture pump to take home. As soon as I did the first treatment I felt relief, after the 2nd use I was totally pain free, it’s been less than a month and I have no pain anywhere on my body. When I first started coming I was very limited on my activities, I could not even reach up to the first shelf in my cupboards to get a glass, and I couldn’t vacuum, do laundry, or sit long in the car. I can tell you I’m 71 years old doing everything I was doing when I was 60, I’m amazed, I don’t know what they are doing to me but whatever it is it’s working I will continue to come until they tell me not too.

It’s an all-around clinic, there are are several employees here and they all always have a smile on their faces and speak to you with kindness, and explain everything they are going to do before they do it. You get to know them and they get to know you as well, you are not uncomfortable being around the other patients while here because you are made to feel right at home.  I do highly recommend Dr. Jerry and Dr. Mike, they both have adjusted me quite a bit and I’ve never had 2 doctors work in tandem like they do together, they both know exactly where to work on your body to make you feel better and relieve your pain.

I highly recommend Back2Health to anyone with problems with their posture, bones, or headaches they take care of just about everything. I’ve been in pain for 2 years and walking out of here pain free today”

Thu Pham – Sciatic Nerve Problems

My name is Thu Pham, 2 months ago I got sciatic nerve problems, and the pain ran from my lower back all the way down to both knees. I was told by a friend to try Back2Health Physical Medicine where they use the combination of natural techniques to help people like me get out of pain.

I came the first few days and was limping using a cane because my body was in so much pain. After a few treatments, I felt so much better that I could walk without the cane. Gradually I was able to get back to most of my normal daily activities. I can bend my back and walk a good distance with no pain and stand up for a good while without pain. My sciatic nerve pain is almost gone. I’m looking forward to finishing up my treatment plan in the next few days and getting back to ALL my normal activities.

In this clinic the doctors, nurses, and therapists really care about their patients, they make sure to check on your health at every visit and take good care of all your needs and following up on your progress.

I would recommend Back2Health to those who have back or other joint paint, try it here first and hopefully, you will get better like me.

Luis Bennett,

I came in here for weight loss and feel I have received much help in that regard.

The employees I have been dealing with have been nice and helpful.

Roberta LevesqueI

I came to Back2Health for my Lower back pain and sciatica and only after 2 treatments my symptoms improved greatly. After another 5 treatments my pain was totally gone!

I had tried NSAIDs ,Advil etc with no results. I did not want stronger meds as I know the damage they cause on my body. All the doctors and the different departments Back2Health have has helped me live a life with no pain.

I want to tell others about this facility and how tremendously it has helped me.

PS. The staff is great!

Betty Ray – Knee Pain

I choose Back2Health Physical medicine because I saw it on TV and wondered if they could help me with my knee problems.

I could hardly stand or walk at all and it affected my life greatly. I have tried NSAIDs and steroid injections but they didn’t work more than a few days for me.

I feel much better now so I would definitely recommend Back2health Physical Medicine for those who have knee and joint pain.

The staff treat you like you are family and they are very good.

Pattie Summers – Headache Relief

“I received a postcard to participate in a massage study and there was no question that I would say yes. I was a little surprised to discover the entire modalities offer by this amazing practice. I had been having very severe headaches for over 2 months and I really needed help! I was also beginning to have some back problems surfacing from a bad back injury 10 years ago. I have tried chiropractic before , but it increased the headaches and I stopped going. They did however gradually improve but would come back periodically.

I was absolutely thrilled that my headaches decreased dramatically after just a few visits. I also have a lot of improvement in my back problems.

The staff here is wonderful- I never felt like a “number”! They really “know their stuff”. They are very accessible –which is refreshing.

I honestly believe that the continued therapies definitely contribute to the success of treatment. I will absolutely keep coming for “maintenance therapy”.


Cora Thomas – Knee & Back Pain

“I chose Back2Health after my husband and I received through the mail invitations and was impressed the way the seminar was and decided that I go to Back2Health and experience the way things were performed on my health issues. Boy we were glad I decided to go to Back2Health. I have had surgeries on both knees and procedures performed to help my back and knee issues. I want to tell you the 2nd day of Back2Health treatment my back and knee pain has been helped tremendously. I feel better and glad I’m bowling again and doing things I couldn’t do before. I can’t wait to start back clogging again. I would recommend Back2Health to anyone. I enjoyed my visits and the whole crew is very good to you. I really do love you all.  My husband is next to come thanks to the uplift.”

Denise McNamara

All have been helpful and caring! They will go out of there way to heal you! They are very professional and knowledgeable for many areas besides your back! I would strongly recommend this practice!

Mosetta Witherspoon

I was referred by my sister to seek help with my knees. It has been six month since I came to Back2Health, before I came here I could not dance. I went out dancing on a Saturday night for the first time in a year.


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